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New Teacher Induction Program – STEP

"Supporting Teachers for Effective Performance”

STEP is a program of assistance and support for new teachers entering service for the first time in a Louisiana public school system. During the first two years of employment, new teachers are provided mentor support. The responsibilities of the mentor (and the principal) are linked directly to the Louisiana Components of Effective Teaching (LCET). Mentors will encourage and coach the new teachers; and guide their professional development activities.

The STEP Program is designed to help new teachers become competent, confident professionals in the classroom, and assist the new teachers in meeting the performance standards established as criteria for certification.


STEP Program Goals:

  1. To provide new teachers in the City of Baker School System with an induction program of support, assistance and evaluation during their first two years of teaching.
  1. To ensure that new teachers can demonstrate competency in understanding and executing effective practices, embodied in the Louisiana Components of Effective Teaching, which will produce student learning.
  1. To improve teaching and learning to enhance student achievement.

STEP Program Forms and Documents:

Listed below are the titles of the forms and documents that are used in the STEP Program. To review and/or print a form or document, click on the name of the form/document.

Approved Forms and Documents

  Action Plan    
Assurance of Implementation
Compass Pre-Observation Conference Form
End-of-Year Checklist
Learning Walk Form
Mentor Accountability Checklist 1
Mentor Accountability checklist 2
Mentor Contact Log
Mentor-Teacher Agreement
STEP Program Teacher Self-Assessment Form
Teacher Assistance & Support Program Guidelines 2014-2015


For more information, contact Barbara Dunbar: phone (225) 774-5795 / email:
or Human Resources Supervisor: phone (225) 778-2379



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