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Dear Stakeholders and Community Partners:

Welcome to the City of Baker School System -- a system where every student is somebody and where we do our best to see that no student fails.

I am extremely proud and honored to serve the City of Baker School System as its Superintendent. I look forward to working collaboratively with the community and all stakeholders as we enter a new phase for the district.

Our ongoing plan is to broaden the horizon of student learning. As additional means of encouraging students, we will add Rewards and Incentives to help stimulate a cadre of traditional methods already employed. We believe that all students can and will learn given the necessary tools and opportunities. By working together, we can ensure the academic success of our students.

Together, we will strive to:

  • Allow our data to drive instruction
  • Reduce transitions
  • Increase dual enrollment (college credits)
  • Introduce magnet and engineering models
  • Reconfigure grade levels
  • Increase passing rates on high stakes tests
  • Increase graduation rates and decrease dropout rates
  • Enhance college readiness and post-secondary enrollment
  • Recruit, retain and develop quality teachers
  • Enhance teacher and student assessment and support

Through this work, our goals are to:

  • Bring all students to performing at or above grade level
  • Assure that all students graduate ready for college, careers and life
  • Ensure that all schools meet or exceed state accountability standards, and the district meets or exceeds state standards

I look forward to working with you to enhance the learning experiences of our students.


Ulysses Joseph


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