Parent Command Center
One of the primary goals of Baker High School is keeping our parents involved in their studentsí progress.  We are aware that in order for parents to be involved, they must first be informed.  The addition of the Parent Command Center and JCOM to the Baker High School web site, we are able to competently meet that challenge of keeping parents abreast. 

     The Parent Command Center affords parents with access to any computer, the opportunity to monitor progress in each subject taken by their student.  The areas that can be monitored on a daily basis include:

         Homework assignments

         Student attendance

         Discipline referrals

         Grades, both test and homework


     The Command Center is so current that parents are often made aware of grades, discipline, etc. before the students are.  Additionally, teachers may enter grades in the system prior to giving assignments back to the students allowing parents using the Command Center to become aware of the grade, in some cases, before the student.

     As a complement to the Parent Command Center, the CBSS has installed the JCOM system.  JCOM utilizes the telephone systems allowing parents who do not have access to a computer the ability to remain informed.  All parents with a phone are automatically included in this program.  There are several unique features to this system which make it infinitely more effective than previous phone systems.

.  Among JCOMís features are:

         The ability to call cell phones as well as traditional phones

         The ability to e-mail information to the parents

         The ability to quickly notify all parents regarding information of interest to the entire school population such as dates, report cards and progress reports will be issued, the dates of high stakes testing, etc.

     Additionally, JCOM informs parents regarding:


         Assignments on which the student receives a grade lower than a C

         Discipline infractions

         Upcoming assignments

     The addition of the Parent Command Center and JCOM to the Baker High School web site has improved parent involvement.  We hear daily from parents expressing gratitude for the program.  Additionally, we have seen an increase in student concern over grades, because our students know that parents are availing themselves to the program.

To register for JCOM

<click> Parent Connection

<click> Parents Command Center

<click> Register New User

Enter: Guardian, Mother, or Father

           Studentís last name

           PSN = Last 5 digits of studentís Social Security number

           Continue filling out registration



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