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Strategic Plan






We in the City of Baker School System believe wholeheartedly that strategic planning is critical to helping us achieve our optimum performance, competitive edge and long term success in delivering a quality education. We value every essential part of each phase of the process—from data collection and pre-planning through action, implementation and measurement.

This plan approved and adopted by our board clearly defines our purpose and establishes realistic goals and objectives that are consistent with our mission and core values, while defining a realistic time frame within the district's capacity to implement it. We will do our best to clearly communicate these goals and objectives to all the district's constituents. In addition, we hope every stakeholder will develop and embrace a sense of ownership of the plan.

As the implementation of the plan goes forward we anticipate:

  • A clearer focus for the district at all levels,
  • Solutions to major problems at all levels,
  • Increased productivity, the result of increased efficiency and effectiveness,
  • Building of bridges between the staff/employees, central office and board of education, students, parents/guardians and the Baker Community-at-large,
  • Creation of strong effective teams at every level,
  • Genuine sense of mutual satisfaction and meaning among members of the school system and Baker Community, that are rooted in a shared vision.