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Henry Belin

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Alisa Sibley
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May 2016 Menu

Breakfast Menu 2015-16

Nourishing students is not only our business; it's our personal commitment to the community in which we serve.
Food, Nutrition & Wellness

In addition to academics, there are many other important areas that contribute to the experience of The City of Baker Public Schools, such as serving students nutritious meals! We believe that we have the responsibility to nourish our students' bodies and to provide a clean and safe learning environment.

Children need healthy meals to learn. The City of Baker School Board offers a choice of healthy meals every school day. Students may buy subsidized lunch and breakfast every school day. Students who meet the U.S. Department of Agriculture guidelines may get meals free or at a reduced price lunch and breakfast. All meals served must meet nutrition standards established by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

The Child Nutrition program nourishes and supports the students, faculty, staff, and guests by creating experiences that foster friendship, encourage learning, and cultivate community.

  • Create a variety of nutritious, enticing, and flavorful food
  • Provide experiences that nurture and delight
  • Deliver professional service
  • Build long-term relationships and cultivate community
  • Respect and develop our staff
  • Share our expertise and insight through value-added services
  • Seek efficiencies and remain fiscally responsible

A strong work ethic is the personal responsibility of every employee. We pledge to be accountable for our actions, words and results. We strive to make our work enjoyable and produce a level of personal satisfaction.

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Our menu's are developed with ingredients that promote health and wellness. Nutritious meals impact the health and success of our students and are essential for strong academic performance. Our goal is to enhance student performance by providing nutritious meals and promoting the importance of healthy eating. Our nutrition standards are based on the Dietary Guidelines for Americans and the Food Guide Pyramid. Student meals contain adequate calories and provide a variety of choices. We offer free and reduced lunch to qualified applicants. To achieve our goals:

We use:
  • Lean Beef
  • Reduced Fat
  • Cheese
  • Turkey Franks
  • Turkey-Based Lunch Meat
  • Turkey-Based Sausage Products
  • Zero Trans Fat (ZTF) margarine and oil
  • Oven (Not Fried) Meat and Potato Products Reduced Fat Pork Products
We also:
  • Offer 1% and % low fat milk
  • Offer whole grain bread and buns Offer whole grain, low sugar cereals
  • Offer vitamin enriched sauces and meats Offer a variety of fruits and vegetables Offer lower fat dessert choices
  • Decreased the amount of sodium in our recipes
  • Avoid many pre-made items that are high in sodium and high in trans and saturated fats
  • Have on staff a Registered, Licensed Dietitian to develop menus and to ensure the daily nutritional needs of the students are met



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