CBSS Official Storm-Related Updates

We are monitoring weather developments. This is the current updated plan to be followed:

To: The City of Baker Parents & Guardians

The City of Baker School System classes will operate from home during the storm this week. All assigned instruction will be posted for the entire week of the storm. Please know that our students will NOT be penalized for assignments doing this period, - due to potential technical problems regarding connectivity. In that we are currently operating in a virtual educational environment, our teachers will operate from home Wednesday and Friday. The weather conditions will not permit regular operations on Thursday. Realizing the hurricane season has just started, we are trying to preserve our two emergency days on our academic calendar. Stay Safe!


To: The City of Baker School System Employees.  Updated Action Plan:

  1. Operate your classes from home during the storms this week with the exception of Thursday.
  2. Post your assignments for the week (be sensitive to students' connectivity).
  3. Students shall not be penalized for problems related to fulfilling assignments doing this period.
  4. All essential staff members shall remain home until Monday August 31, 2020.
  5. The COBSS will be closed on Thursday due to expected flooding and inclement weather conditions.
  6. Facility managers shall secure the properties for potential flooding.
This information will be updated as the weather develops.
Superintendent Brister
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