JAG State Middle School Officers

Baker Middle School JAG-program has been serving students since 2016, under the leadership of Ms. Keyo Johnson, JAG Specialist. Each year she prepares her students for state competitions. They have won state titles year after year. During the pandemic, Ms. Johnson and her students remained resilient. They have thrived in leadership and service.
This year Jamya Delouch (7th grade JAG student) submitted an Officer Candidate Application for 2020-2021 for JAG-LA Representative. Tuesday, November 17th, she competed virtually among other JAG middle schoolers across the state. We are proud to announce that Jamya Delouch was selected as JAG-LA Representative for 2020-2021. We know that she will represent her local chapter and the district in her leadership.
a photo of Congratulations to Baker Middle School JAG, Jamya Delouch
Source: Baker Middle School
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