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Public Notice: Request for Public Review

The City of Baker School Board has requested public comments on the proposed policy changes presented in the document linked below. Comments can be submitted using the means listed below.

Comments may be submitted in writing: City of Baker School Board: 14750 Plank Road, Baker, LA 70714

by electronic mail:

or in person at the next official meeting of the school board (July 25, 2018 @ 6:00 PM).


Summary of Proposed Changes (Details in Document Linked Below)

1. E-4 Child Nutrition Services Management. This proposed policy change should be directed to the head of Food and Nutrition Management and/or the appropriate school system or official in charge of student welfare to make certiain that the proposal is understood and that the school system can meet the requirements. Although the proposed policy is written to comply with Federal and State law there are some changes or additions that the local system officials may deem necessary or advisable.

2. E-1, F-12.1, and H-3.3a are revised to make all City of Baker School Board properties smoke-free. These proposals ban smoking on all School Board property whether or not the property is a location of a school and will apply to such areas as the central office, the maintenance areas, and other off-school site properties owned or maintained by the School Board. It also bans possession of tobacco and electronic smoking devices by students entirely.

3. H-3.5b Corporal Punishment. It is recommended that this policy not be considered. Currently, the Baker School System bans corporal punishment, therefore there is no need to adopt a corporal punishment procedure.

4. H-3.6g Student Wellness. Again, this is a draft of a policy on student wellness which has been suggested by our consultant. This policy should be directed to the appropriate school officials in charge of such things as student health and welfare, in order that they may have some input on the acceptance, rejection or changes that should be made in the proposed policy.

5. H-13 Student Fees, Fines and Charges. If this policy is adopted the IT staff as well as the principals of each school should be made aware that all fees, fines or charges which they intend to institute must be posted on the School Board's website.

See Details Of Proposed Changes In The Document Linked Below