Baker High’s Student Orientation Staff Coordinates Annual Thanksgiving Food Drive

From November 1 to November 14, 2018, Baker High students collected cans for the school’s annual Thanksgiving Canned Food Drive.  Sponsored by the Student Orientation Staff (S.O.S.), the collection of cans was a competition among homeroom classes. 

Ms. Epps’s homeroom class won the contest for collecting a total of 120 cans and items.  The class will celebrate with a Pizza Party.  Ms. Daigres/Warren homeroom class came in second place for collecting a total of 61 cans.  Lastly, Ms. Paschall’s homeroom class came in third place with 36 cans.

In total, over 367 cans and food items were donated.  All proceeds benefited the Baton Rouge Food Bank .  S.O.S members would like to thank all who participated in this wonderful event. Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving!

(See the photo on right and click to enlarge)

Best Regards,


Shlinda Armwood

Guidance Counselor & SOS Sponsor


Source: Shlinda Armwood