Alternative & Blended Learning Centers

The Principal’s Message


Welcome to the City of Baker Alternative Learning (ALC) and Blended Learning (BLC) Programs. Both programs are structured so students may continue their educational program in lieu of activation of a suspension or expulsion from the City of Baker School System.


We aim to help students be successful in modifying their attitudes/behaviors so that they can return to their home schools. With the assistance of the administration and faculty, the support of parents/guardians, and with the students' commitment, this goal can be attained.  We believe in the students and are here to help them.


We strive to provide students with opportunities to begin new, positive experiences that will help impact their future educational and career endeavors.  With an honest effort on their part and a willingness to change, all students can return to the paths that will lead back to their home base schools.





Hamilton P. Brock, Principal

One Herd, One Vision, One Mission!


Contact: [email protected]