City of Baker School Board Policies Under Review

Greetings City of Baker School System Students, Parents & Caregivers, Community Entities, and Employees:


One of the responsibilities of the City of Baker School Board is to establish new policies and modify already existing policies that cover the day-to-day operations of a school district.  These 9 Section areas cover: A) School District Organization, B) School Board Operations, C)  General School Administration, D)  Fiscal Management, E)  Operational Management, F) Personnel, G)  Instructional Program, H)  Students, and I) Public Relations.  Periodically, the Board adopts changes in policy to reflect  new and modified laws of the Louisiana Legislature from the yearly legislative sessions. 


We are requesting that all stakeholders review the attached DRAFT policies that will be considered for adoption at the regularly scheduled March 2020 meeting.  Our Board Attorney has briefly summarized for our City of Baker School Board and District employees, potential policy changes suggested by our contracted policy-writing consulting company-Forethought Consulting.  However, we value the input of our educational stakeholders!


Please review the attached files 1) for your information only, 2) so that you can propose SUGGESTED changes/direction that the Board should go in prior to final adoption, AND/OR 3) for spelling, grammatical, and cosmetic corrections/suggestions.  Caveat:  Any suggestion in content that you make must be align with mandated law i.e. suggestions cannot violate federal & state law or Louisiana Board of Elementary & Secondary Education (BESE) policies.  Any suggestions can be emailed to no later than Monday, February 17, 2020, by the close of the business day at 4:00 p.m.  Please include your contact phone number if there are any clarifications that may be needed in your suggestion(s).  


These suggestions will be submitted to the Superintendent and to the Board Attorney for sincere consideration, and if possible, they will be submitted to the City of Baker School Board for consideration of adoption at its Tuesday, March 3rd regular meeting.  Because Board agenda packets are delivered to Board members on or before Thursday, February 27th in preparation for the March 3rd meeting, your suggestions must be received by February 17th for proper processing.  Reminder: Red font means a proposed deletion in existing policy  Blue font means a proposed addition to an existing policy or a brand new policy.   Green means a movement from one place within an existing policy to another place within an existing policy or different existing policy.