Curriculum & Instruction

Vision for Curriculum and Instruction


The City of Baker School System is committed to providing students with the best education we can offer through a strong PreK-12 scope and sequence of curriculum, purposeful and differentiated instructional practices and a balanced system of formative, summative and benchmark assessments.




Our curriculum, developed to align with the Louisiana Student Standards, provides students with course/subject/grade-level essential learning outcomes to ensure that students are learning the necessary content and developing the necessary skills to meet grade level benchmarks on their road towards academic success.




Our instructional practices are designed to adjust for the needs of all learners through data-driven differentiation, technology integration, and Response to Intervention (RtI).  We understand that not all students learn the same way or progress at the same rate, so we have worked to provide multiple pathways for students to find success and growth in each year of their education.




Throughout the learning process, we use multiple types of assessments to measure students' growth and progress.  We share these assessments through different avenues including standardized and screening test results reports, report cards, and formal/informal conferences with students and parents.


Technology Integration


We are becoming a 1:1 technology district.  We value the purposeful integration of technology into lesson plans to increase student learning and prepare students for the 21st century.  Students utilize technology to create and develop projects and extensions to their learning, while increasing their levels of critical thinking and problem solving.