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Welcome to PRAMS Library
Park Ridge Academic Magnet School Library

My name is Mrs. Anthony and I am the Park Ridge Academic Magnet School librarian. With my passion for learning and books, I hope to help grow and encourage a lifelong love for reading in all of our students. To that end, I plan to provide a robust library program where students are engaged in lessons that seamlessly make learning and reading both fun and interesting. In addition, with today’s ever-changing technological advances, I plan to assist our students in understanding and grasping the information literacy skills needed to both succeed and excel.

As the school librarian, I both teach and guide students to inquire, research, process, evaluate, synthesize, discover, imagine, share and celebrate with the library resources. I truly believe that learning is a continual journey where we are partners in meeting our children’s diverse needs. If we provide a solid, lifelong-learning foundation where both academics and social needs are nurtured and encouraged, our students will impact the community positively by becoming socially responsible productive members of our society.

Our Library is committed to providing quality print and electronic resources while fostering information literacy through effective research and retrieval as well as developing a lifelong love of reading in our students.

Our library collection includes:


  • Over 6,000 book and other print resources
  • Hundreds of non-print items that include CD-ROMs, videos, math manipulatives, and audiovisual equipment
  • A variety of periodicals and magazines
  • Networked computer stations for student use
  • Networked computers for administrative use

Please join me as we continue to learn and journey through the demands of the 21st Century.