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City of Baker School District Technology

The City of Baker School District is guided by an approved long-range technology plan which articulates a common vision for technology in the district and identifies the strategies that will help use advanced technology to improve academic achievement, including technology literacy of all students with rigorous curriculum standards and the development of critical thinking skills that are essential for academic and workplace success. In addition, this plan is sure to build the capacity of all teachers to integrate technology effectively into curriculum and instruction. The plan is based on information gleaned from many sources including: a review of the literature to identify best practices, a survey of school site hardware and instructional media, suggestions and requests of teachers, monthly meetings of administrators, PARCC Readiness Tool and representatives from the community.

This Long-Range Technology Plan is driven by the state curriculum standards and supports the educational mission and instructional goals of The City of Baker School System in addition to No Child Left Behind. The plan's overarching goal is to advance our students' technology concepts and technology skills. Some key objectives are:

· that students gain technology-based knowledge and skills and apply them to all curriculum areas at all grade levels.

· that all staff receive ongoing and sustained staff development in the integration of technology into the curriculum to promote the effective use of technology in the classroom or library media center (inclusive of teachers, principals, administrators, and school library media personnel

· that the plan supports Louisiana’s long-range plan for technology in the areas of Teaching and Learning, Educator Preparation and Development, Administration and Support Services, and Infrastructure for Technology,

· that we remain compliant with E-rate applications guidelines, and other established standards

In these times it is imperative that students be exposed to more diversity and culture as well as develop skills that will make them competitive upon leaving the public school setting. The City of Baker School System has made great efforts to provide up to date technology, training and infrastructure. In the end, we hope to improve the use of technology as a teaching resource, provide more rigorous technology professional development, strengthen technology management and community involvement, and maintain a robust technology infrastructure.

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