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CBSS Flood Relocation Transportation Procedures


Student Site Relocations Due To Flood


Baker High School ------>   Baker Middle School Site

Baker Middle School ------>   Bakerfield Elementary School Site

Bakerfield Elementary ------>   Baker Heights Elementary School Site


Flood Relocation Transportation Arrangements

  1. If you are a walker, continue to walk to your original school and report to the bus loading area. Faculty will be on active duty at each site to manage the loading and unloading process.

  2. A trail bus will arrive at your original school to pick you up and transport you to your newly assigned school.

  3. We will use the lists of addresses below to determine and confirm walkers; please click on the appropriate one.
  4. After Labor Day we will reassess our transportation needs and finalize transportation plans.


Baker High Walkers
Baker Middle Walkers
Bakerfield Walkers