The City of Baker Transportation Department strives to improve student achievement by providing safe, timely, and cost-effective transportation for all eligible students in accordance with federal, state, and local laws, as well as City ordinances and The City of Baker Board of Education policies and procedures.

We transport students to all four schools on a daily basis throughout the school year. We also provide other transportation services as needed and according to the availability of buses.
Every school enforces a walking distance for all students that live within 1 mile of the school. Exceptions:
  • Baker Heights has no walkers; everyone rides a bus.
  • Baker High students that live within a mile but are across the railroad tracks are transported due to the danger of crossing the 4-lane hwy.
The school will ask you for information needed to set up a bus stop for your child. Bus stop information is mailed to homes right before school starts. Students who enroll in school after the first day of school may have to wait to be assigned a convenient bus stop.
CBSS Attendance Zones

Safety is the top priority of the Transportation Department. Drivers receive special instruction and must pass written and behind-the-wheel tests. Buses have padded high-back seats and do not require seat belts. Smaller buses do have seat belts. All buses have two-way radios so delays or problems can be reported immediately. Studies show that riding a school bus is safer than riding in a private car.

Parents are encouraged to remind their children to follow safety rules when crossing streets and getting on and off the bus. Students receive bus safety training at the beginning of the school year. Students who break the rules will be denied transportation, after parents/guardians are notified.

Please contact the City of Baker School System Transportation Department for more information.

Rider Responsibilities


Riding the school bus is a privilege .


Part of the privilege of riding the school bus means each student needs to help the bus driver ensure a safe ride by following these 5 basic Rider Responsibilities:

  • Listen to the bus driver
  • Know the bus rules
  • Follow the bus rules
  • Respect others
  • Respect the bus
For a more detailed list of student responsibilities, other tips and important forms, see the links below.
Contact Information:
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Phone: (225) 726-6303
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