Chromebook Initial Set-up Information

These are important tips to help you with the initial set-up of the student Chromebook device at home.

They are steps that you should only need to take one time.

  1. When you first turn on your Chromebook device at home, you will be asked to connect to your home WiFi.
  2. At that point provide the information normally needed to connect any device to your home WiFi.
  3. When the home WiFi connection is complete, hold your child’s badge in front of the Chromebook camera with the QR Code facing the camera
  4. After the QR Code is recognized, you will see the “Clever” single-sign-on logo
  5. The Clever sign-on logo will be visible for a brief moment after which the connection to your home WiFi will automatically drop and you will need to reconnect once more to you home WiFi.
From this point your connection should be secure with no need to repeat this extended process.
 To submit requests for assistance, email:
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