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Title IX / Equity

Who Are We?
We are designated staff who work to support students, families, and staff in issues of harassment and bias. We aim for full inclusion, equity, and social justice within our district. In addition, we work with students, families, staff, and administration to ensure that all City of Baker Schools and offices are welcoming and nurturing environments. 
What We Do
We investigate allegations of bias or retaliation for previously reporting an allegation of bias, and offer a resolution, when appropriate. We also provide training and counseling around equity issues. In addition, we are the primary point of contact for employees seeking an accommodation for a disability or religious reasons. Please contact us if you have any requests for an accommodation.
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Dr. Kimberly Gales-Johnson, Title IX Coordinator
14750 Plank Road
Baker, LA 70714
Phone: (225) 774-5795