Great day for the Baker School System

 Great day for the Baker School System
There were hundreds of happy faces and lots of fun all around the City of Baker Schools on Saturday. 
There were workers painting and moving furniture at Baker Middle School, workers were ripping up and replacing the floor in the Baker High School bandroom and students and their families poured into the School Board Office to receive free school supplies and refreshment.
Big lines of parents and students showed up at the Board Office around 10 a.m., and they kept coming, even after the noon hour, as free tablets, pencils, pens and other school supplies were given away. 
State Rep. Barbara Carpenter partnered with the school system to provide the free items for all that came by the board office. Many of the free items were provided by students in Carpenter's Southern University Center for Service Learning.
There was also lemonade for all and hugs for many of the younger students provided by Baker school personnel, administrators and volunteers.
Baker School Superintendent Dr. Herman Brister, Sr., School Board Member Dr. Dana Carpenter and Board President Shonie Boxie turned out during the early stages of the event. Brister had volunteered earlier for a cleaning and maintenance effort at Baker Middle. 
There were a number of volunteers that turned out to paint the entrance to Baker Middle and to paint a couple of the restrooms and to move furniture around the school. Baker Police Chief Carl Dunn, along with family friends, set up an area to provide hot lunches for volunteers at Baker Middle and any other volunteers who wanted to stop by.
And, still another group worked to replace the flooring in the bandroom at Baker High School.
"I would say this was a great day for the Baker school system," Brister said..