Baker High School

11/16/2018: "Although our football season has officially come to an end, this year's season can best be described as extraordinary. Win...Lose...or Draw....WE ARE THE BUFFALOES!"
                                                  Principal Morgan
Cultivating students to become lifelong learners.
Parents, students, and staff will collaborate to prevent failure and ensure academic success for each child.
- To increase student attendance
- To increase parental involvement
- To enhance the image of public education
- To integrate technology seamlessly

A SACS Accredited School

Contact Information
5903 Groom Rd.
Baker, LA 70714
Phone: (225) 775-1259
Fax: (225) 778-4811
Principal: Traci L. Morgan, M.Ed.
Assistant Principal: Candance Russell, Ph.D.
Assistant Principal: Eric Randall, M.Ed.
Alma Mater

Baker High School
Alma Mater
by Ossie Brown

Hail to thee, old Baker High
Thou the molder of our ways.
Through the years we’ll keep
Thy Love
And thy standards raise,
Hail to thee, old Baker High
Keep the spirits that sing praise
Fondest memories come of thee
Alma Mater Hail!

School Motto
"If we want what we've never had,
then we must do what we've never done"
School Start Time 7:00 a. m.
School End Time 2:20 p. m.
Early Dismissal 11:30 a. m.